Co-Managed Inventory (CMI) Solutions

SupplyCare Hosting enables the ability to “inventory on-demand”

“Ingredion benefits from improved transportation planning and optimized supply quantities. This leads to a WIN-WIN situation.”

Company details

Ingredion Inc. is a world-leading producer of special starches, which are used as a functional ingredient for the production of different food. Their solutions can reduce costs by replacing expensive ingredients. Nevertheless they are eager to create healthier products by replacing fat or sugar and manufacture allergen-free products.

“Bring their system to the latest state-of-the-art.”

Customer Challenge 

The company wished to develop their internal system to the latest state-of-the-art. Ingredion’s supplying processes were based on a self-developed basic Software so far.  Moreover, they wanted to strengthen their customer relationships and -support. Therefore, Ingredion intended to take a step towards Co-managed Inventory Solutions. The fundamental idea was to manage inventory levels jointly. This should ensure maximum material availability, simplify administrative procedures and reduce warehousing and transportation costs. Furthermore Ingredion wanted to get a notification when their levels reached the safety stock set point.

“Endress+Hauser guarantees automatic software updates for SupplyCare Hosting. This keeps the software always up-to-date.”

Our Solution

Ingredion supported their customers to get Endress+Hauser level devices installed at their tanks and integrated the level measurement systems of their customers into the Endress+Hauser SupplyCare Hosting. Measurement instruments of every cooperating customer site are now communicating to a telemetry system transmitting level data to a central web-based server. The server stores critical data including tank identification, material within the tank, level limits as well as reorder points. An completly event-based communication between the system and end-users guarantees that the customer is informed only about the tanks that need replenishment. Alarm notifications also inform Ingredion about the respective sites that need replenishment. On top of that, Endress+Hauser guarantees automatic software updates for SupplyCare Hosting.

Solution Components

  • Web-based SupplyCare Hosting system
  • Fieldgate Telemetry
  • Endress+Hauser level devices

Customer Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of inventory from anywhere in the world was facilitated
  • Inventory got visible to all stakeholders
  • Responsible persons could check inventory via tablet and smartphone
  • Efforts for related re-ordering were reduced
  • Emergency orders and last minute shipments were reduced and partly totally eliminated
  • Replenishment outside peak delivery hours reduced highway congestion through increasing gridlock traffic