Inventory Control Management

“Chemicals on demand”: The Brenntag Vendor Managed Inventory Program

“Endress+Hauser, the leading instrumentation manufacturer and process solutions provider.”

Company details

The Brenntag Group has been supplying industrial chemicals to the processing industry promptly and reliably for more than 140 years now. Brenntag is number one in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe, the third largest supplier in North  America, and the market leader in Latin America.

But Brenntag offers more than just the distribution of chemicals. They absorb large-scale quantities produced by big chemical manufacturers and convert them into product supplies required by the customers.

The Brenntag GmbH is the German subsidiary of the Brenntag Group. They employ around 1,200 people at 16 locations throughout Germany.

“Endress+Hauser will provide a technical infrastructure that lays the foundation to the implementation of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).”

Customer Challenge 

As link between producers and users of chemicals, Brenntag targets maximum effectiveness and added value. Their process-oriented logistics solutions enable both suppliers and customers to concentrate on their core businesses. The Endress+Hauser online level monitoring system, installed at the customers tank farms, provides automatic information on the liquid levels in the tanks and triggers a delivery when necessary.

“Password protection and the latest encryption technologies make security breaches virtually impossible.”

Our Solution

The inventory control solution is SupplyCare Enterprise from Endress+Hauser. This software is installed on the customers’ server infrastructure. Inventory data are captured all around the clock. Measurements are communicated to a Fieldgate telemetry system transmitting data to a central web-based server. This server stores critical data including tank identification, material within the tank, level limits as well as re-order points and more. An event based setup allows communication between the system and the end user in a way that he is only informed about the tanks that need to be replenished. An electronic signature tracks all activities along the supply process. Tank data is accessible at any time from any computer. Data is safe, secure and only accessible by users with specific access rights. Password protection and the latest encryption technologies make security breaches virtually impossible. Brenntag has access to a global IT support & local agents with comprehensive service offerings.

Solution Components

  • SupplyCare Enterprise
  • Fieldgate, a web-based telemetry product which is used to collect inventory information
  • All panels are built with 4 to 20 mA communication to the sensors, with local displays and surge arrestors on all inputs and the mains
  • Capacitive level measurement Liquicap FMI21, Micropilot and Prosonic
  • Integration of online inventory information in a distribution/planning system

Customer Benefits

  • Visibility of stock levels
  • Decreased risk to run out of stock
  • Reduced overall inventory levels
  • Improved capacity utilization through demand-oriented planning
  • Improved transportation planning, optimized supply quantities thus lower transportation costs
  • Improved customer relationships

Process graph