Heartbeat + Mindset

Imagine your devices had their own pulse: They would tell you how healthy they were and what you could do to improve the performance of your process. Heartbeat Technology breathes life into your devices: It provides you with diagnostics, verifies performance and monitors process data to support optimization and predictive maintenance strategies. Our engineers listen carefully to you and understand your Mindset. It is their job to find the best fitting products with Heartbeat Technology for your individual needs to deliver increased operational availability for your plant.



Permanent process and device diagnostics

Increased plant availability and



Documented in-situ

Increased plant availability and
verification effort



Information for predictive maintenance

Increased plant availability and optimization of process and maintenance strategy

Overview of level instruments with Heartbeat Technology

Profit from Heartbeat Technology in the following product selection.

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    Micropilot FMR67

    80GHz radar instrument for highest requirements in bulk solid applications.

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    Micropilot FMR62

    The radar instrument with 80GHz technology for aggressive media or hygiene applications.

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    Micropilot FMR60

    Standard sensor for highest requirements in liquids with 80 GHz technology.

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    Micropilot FMR57

    For highest demands in level measurement in bulk solids.

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    Micropilot FMR56

    Economic basic model for level measurement in bulk solids.

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    Micropilot FMR54

    For level measurement in liquids with steam or ammonia.

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    Micropilot FMR53

    Free space radar for simple level applications in liquids.

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    Micropilot FMR52

    Free space radar for level measurement in aggressive liquids or for hygiene requirements.

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    Micropilot FMR51

    Standard sensor for highest demands in level measurement in liquids: Radar instrumentation.

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    Micropilot FMR50

    Basic model of the free space radar to measure levels in liquids.

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    Levelflex FMP57

    Standard sensor for highest demands in bulk solids level measurement.

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    Levelflex FMP56

    Cost-efficient basic device for all level applications in bulk solids.

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    Levelflex FMP55

    The first multiparameter measuring instrument with the capacitance measuring principle and guided radar for interface measurement worldwide.

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    Levelflex FMP54

    For level measurement in liquids under extreme conditions. For high temperature and high pressure applications.

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    Levelflex FMP53

    For highest hygiene requirements in the foods and life sciences industry.

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    Levelflex FMP52

    Chemically resistant PTFE probe coated free of crevice for level measurement in aggressive liquids.

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    Levelflex FMP51

    Standard sensor for the highest requirements of level measurement in liquids and for interface measurement.

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    Levelflex FMP50

    For basic applications in liquids without high requirements.

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