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Your level measurement experts for the life sciences industry

Louise Snaith

Life Sciences Industry Manager, Endress+Hauser Ltd

“Driven by compliance and safety, we provide a complete portfolio of products and services that comply to all required GMP standards and legislation. Documentation and FDA-compliant materials ensure industry operational excellence. Our innovative technology provides high accuracy measurements leading to greater yield and consistent product quality.”

Mark Hodgins

Level Product Manager, Endress+Hauser Ltd

“The accuracy of the measurements in the manufacturing process is vital for maintaining product quality. This is equally true for trial plants through to full scale production. Instruments that provide advanced diagnostics and simple verification of accuracy help ensure that every production batch meets specification and reduces waste.”

Mastering the challenges in life sciences

Tracing life: The Life Science Industry manages some of the most serious issues of the world. Conquering disease and hunger in the world and healing people individually. How can the correct instrumentation support manufacturing of life science products and which challenges must it face?

  • Guaranteeing product safety and reducing risks: Instrumentation plays a central role in monitoring, if it has been created for this industry. We strive to provide the complete portfolio according to international standards with the highest quality for this industry. Documentations and certificates are available at any time.
  • Using technological experience for aseptic applications: Our instruments meet the industry requirements with minimum surface roughness due to electropolishing, small front-flush connections, stainless steel with a ferrite content of less than one percent, FDA-listed seals, systems free of oil and the complete industry-compatible GMP documentation of our instruments.
  • Streamling projects and reducing operational costs: Measuring instruments are developed to optimize processes. Particularly the new technologies like radar instruments with 80GHz open additional non-contact options for narrow and small tanks. Multi-Echo Tracking provides reliable signals under any condition and Heartbeat Technology facilitates predictive maintenance with extended maintenance cycles.
  • Achieving operational anywhere in the world: We support you internationally as well as directly on site with our worldwide network of experts and service staff from project development and calibration through to training of your staff.

Level instruments for the life sciences industry

We offer a wide portfolio of instruments with all relevant certifications for hygienic applications. Take a look at our product highlights for continuous level measurement and point level detection…

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    Prosonic FMU30

    All-round instrument for liquids and bulk solids: From level monitoring in sewage treatment plants and process water through to applications involving loading, storage and buffer tanks.

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    Micropilot FMR67

    80GHz radar instrument for highest requirements in bulk solid applications.

  • Info

    Micropilot FMR62

    The radar instrument with 80GHz technology for aggressive media or hygiene applications.

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    Micropilot FMR60

    Standard sensor for highest requirements in liquids with 80 GHz technology.

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    Micropilot FMR52

    Free space radar for level measurement in aggressive liquids or for hygiene requirements.

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    Micropilot FMR20 with free SmartBlue app

    Cost-effective radar level measurement in liquids

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    Micropilot FMR10 with free SmartBlue app

    Cost-effective radar level measurement in liquids.

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    Liquipoint FTW33

    Very compact flush-mounted probe for liquid and pasty media.

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    Liquipoint FTW23

    Cost effective point level switch for water-based liquids.

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    Liquiphant FTL51H

    Point level switch with extension tube for liquids especially in the food and life sciences industry.

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    Liquiphant FTL50H

    Compact vibration point level switch for liquids especially in the food and life sciences industry.

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    Liquiphant FTL33

    Point level switch for liquids in compact hygienic design for the food industry.

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    Levelflex FMP53

    For highest hygiene requirements in the foods and life sciences industry.

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    The pulse for your measuring instruments: Levelflex FMP5x, Micropilot FMR5x and Micropilot FMR6x.

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    Deltapilot FMB70

    Highest performance pressure sensor with the Contite cell for hydrostatic level measurement.

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    Deltapilot FMB50

    Compact pressure sensor with the Contite measuring cell for hydrostatic level measurement.

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    Deltabar FMD78

    Differenical pressure transmitter with two diaphragm seals for differential pressure and level.

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    Deltabar FMD72

    Electronic differential pressure system utilizing two metal sensor modules and one transmitter.

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    Deltabar FMD71

    Electronic differential pressure system utilizing two ceramic sensor modules and one transmitter.

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