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Zero loss

One of the most sensitive challenges for operators of tank farms and terminals is the loss of inventory. Accounted and unaccounted loss may occur in any step of the supply chain of highly valuable products like oil, fuels, alcohols or chemicals.

Talk to our experts how to reach zero loss with Endress+Hauser solutions:

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Essential for avoiding loss:

  • Complete transparency along the entire supply chain to make the right decisions
  • Efficient processes for off-loading, storage and loading at terminals
  • Detailed information on quantities and mass for storage movements
  • Integration of relevant data into company processes and ERP systems
  • Automation of processes with transparency

How to reach this:

  • Complete transparency: accurate measurement technology on each process step combined with scalable software to monitor inventories
  • Off-Loading, storage and loading: static measurement and accurate tracking of dynamic movements
  • Storage of products: Pressure and temperature variations influence quantities, measure critical parameters accurately
  • Integration of data into company processes: Instrument and software components have reliable field data at hand with interfaces to ERP system in order to monitor inventories efficiently
  • Automation of processes: Solutions for automated procurement and delivery processes with integration of e-business and market places, vendor managed inventory solutions

Endress+Hauser offers the entire range of the supply chain with accurate measurement devices for flow, pressure, temperature, level and custody transfer certified tank gauging instruments for refineries, tank farms, depots and terminals. With the right software systems in addition by Endress+Hauser you achieve complete transparency for reaching zero loss as close as possible.

Our portfolio helps to improve transparency by reporting product movements from tanks, loading bays and receiving points. Static and dynamic inventories are reconciled and unauthorized movements as well as possible leakage are detected. This results in a higher output and environmental protection at the same time.

Benefits of our products at a glance

  • Improved management of inventories based on complete solutions ranging from receipt of products to storage and delivery
  • Full transparency in the transfer, storage and distribution process
  • Zero loss thanks to detected movements and high-quality online and up-to-date information
  • Product based reconciliation of inventories in Tankvision, locally and over entire company networks
  • Reliable leakage and theft detection
  • Perfect-fit instrumentation with servo and radar technology provide diverse measurement technology