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Scott Allen

Scott Allen

Industry Manager for Water and Wastewater, Australia

“Today more than ever the water & wastewater industry must balance the opposing pressures of improving water safety and shrinking budgets. Whether treating for consumption or discharge, process complexity is rising. Endress+Hauser combines a wide portfolio of smart measuring instruments with industry-experienced consulting and expert services to flexibly and efficiently ensure water safety with verifiable regulatory compliance. At Endress+Hauser Water is our life.”

Mastering applications for water and wastewater

Every person living in industrialized countries uses between 100-150 liters of water every day. Everyone of us pollutes 1.385 m³ of water annually on average worldwide. Producing and treating water is a top priority of the political and economic agenda in all countries around the world. The operators of water and wastewater plants predominantly need effective solutions to the challenges listed below. These challenges have guided our experts for water and wastewater for many years in numerous applications installed by us:

  • Protect our water: The plant must run safely and reliably and demanded limit values must be adhered to. Ensure legislative compliance and water safety by relying on precise instrumentation. As we offer a wide array of different measuring principles and have more than 60 years of experience in instrumentation, we are able to advise you on the right instrument for your application.
  • Pump up your efficiency: The quality of our products is particularly seen in the most sophisticated wastewater applications. In addition, the housing density counteracts diffusion of hydrogen or ammonia in digesters.
  • Make planning a breeze: Our engineers accompany you in every step. You, yourself find the suitable answer for your individual requirements from your complete portfolio in our Applicator.
  • Reducing material costs and maintenance expenditure: Our products manufactured in Germany recognize foam and partly verify and monitor themselves via Heartbeat Technology thus extending maintenance intervals. Furthermore, our broad portfolio which is based on a common platform technology, simplifies installation, operations and maintenance.
  • Simplifying quality and risk management: The portable water safety concept of the World Health Organization shows how risk and quality management are to be implemented in water treatment. Accuracy as well as precise measurements are critical and require instruments free of any interference.

Level instruments for water and wastewater

The instruments are aligned to their purpose, be it in cost-effective simple applications or sophisticated use.

Waterpilot FMX11

Simple and reliable level probe for freshwater applications.

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Waterpilot FMX21

Reliable and robust level probe with ceramic measuring cell and HART.

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Prosonic FMU30

All-round instrument for liquids and bulk solids: From level monitoring in sewage treatment plants and process water through to applications involving loading, storage and buffer tanks.

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Micropilot FMR10

Level measurement in liquids for water & wastewater and utilities in all industries.

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Micropilot FMR20

Offers continuous non-contact level and flow measurement and is a perfect application fit for the water & wastewater industry and utilities across all industries.

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Micropilot FMR60

The standard sensor for highest demands in liquid level measurement with 80GHz technology

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Micropilot FWR30

The cloud connected radar level sensor. From smart level monitoring to supply chain management

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Liquiphant FTL41

The vibronic level switch in basic applications reduces complexities in your plant

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Liquipoint FTW31

Rod probe for multipoint detection for up to 5 switch points.

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Cerabar PMC51B

Smart transmitter with ceramic membrane for highly accurate measurement of liquids and gases.

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pressure transmitter

Deltabar PMD55B

Smart transmitter with metal membrane for differential pressure monitoring in liquids and gases.

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Float switch

Liquifloat FTS20

A simple and cost-effective solution for point level detection in appropriate fluids.

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Using the Micropilot FMR10 and FMR20 radar instruments, you control commissioning, operation and maintenance via your tablet or smartphone. The SmartBlue app of the most compact instrument of its class facilitates the access to places difficult to reach.

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