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Taylor McKertich

Taylor McKertich

Industry Manager for Mining, Minerals and Metals, Australia

“Endress+Hauser is proud to have its entrepreneurial roots in level instrumentation in the Mining, Minerals and Metals industry. Where you find some of the worlds harshest environments and process conditions, you’ll also find accurate, reliable devices from our wide and innovative portfolio bringing critical insights so your operation can extract more, from less.”

Mastering the challenges of the mining, minerals and metals industry

This is where it all starts: Primaries and metals are the basis for any industrial production. No other industry can work without them. We have optimized the automation processes of the industry in terms of costs, quality, environmental compatibility and energy sustainability with our measuring instrumentation for decades.

  • Reducing your production cost: Yielding more material and economic returns from continually scarcer resources, this is what our instrumentation reliably stands for.
  • Keeping your plant safe: We support the safety of your plant with the widest portfolio of SIL-approved instruments. Using continuous instrument and process diagnosis via Heartbeat Technology, all of the data for predictive maintenance and extended maintenance cycles are available.
  • Thinking beyond processing: We offer measuring solutions from processing and refinement through to supporting procedures to save energy and water. Our innovations like wireless access to instruments as well as the 80GHz technology facilitate completely new options for processes.
  • Defying rough conditions: Our instrumentation is robust in ambient conditions like dust and abrasion and easily commissioned – also in areas with little infrastructure. Not only in non-contact measuring methods in which we provide a comprehensive program.
  • Boosting environmental compliance and responsibility: Endress+Hauser staff members are on site worldwide and know national and international standards very well to support you with suitable instrumentation and to save energy in your process chains.

Level instruments for mining, minerals and metals

Irrespective of the requirements your applications have of measuring instruments: We have the suitable product and the entire range of measuring principles. Here you find a selection of products to measure levels and detect point levels.

Micropilot FMR67

80GHz radar instrument for highest requirements in bulk solid applications.

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Micropilot FMR57

The standard sensor for highest demands in bulk solids level measurement.

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Micropilot FMR20

Level measurement of liquids and solids in all industries

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Levelflex FMP57

The standard sensor for highest demands for level measurement in bulk solids.

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Levelflex FMP51

Standard sensor for the highest requirements of level measurement in liquids and for interface measurement.

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Cerabar PMC71B

Smart pressure transmitter which detects process anomalies like changes in the loop characteristics

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Cerabar PMC51B

Smart transmitter with ceramic membrane for highly accurate measurement of liquids and gases.

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Deltabar FMD71

Electronic differential pressure system utilizing two ceramic sensor modules and one transmitter.

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Gammapilot FMG50

Compact transmitter for point level detection, continuous level, interface and density measurement

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Soliphant FTM51

Robust point level switch with extension tube for fine-grained bulk solids also for hazardous areas.

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Soliwave FQR56

Microwave barrier emitter for non-contact point level detection in bulk solids.

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Prosonic FDU95

Ultrasonic sensor for level measurement for connection to FMU9x.

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Transparent business decisions with scalable inventory monitoring – this is was Endress+Hauser offers with Inventroy Control Systems. Inventory management solution of Endress+Hauser, consisting of instruments, a wireless, cellular or Ethernet gateway and an inventory management software offering the customer consolidated data at his disposal – around the clock, around the globe.

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